Our goals at a glance:


  • A harmonious life in and with nature
  • Implementation of permacultural principles – an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable system with all resources
  • Self-sufficiency and the sale of organic products
  • Promotion of cultural diversity on the island of Brač by preserving the traditional art and crafts, and passing the knowledge on through the workshops
  • Use of sustainable systems and processes to produce renewable and clean energy (solar – wind – biomass)
  • House building with natural materials on the island (e.g. cordwood, natural stone, straw)
  • Rainwater harvesting and usage
  • Recycling, composting and preventing waste generation (aiming for zero-waste lifestyle)
  • The exchange of knowledge and networking with organizations and individuals who have similar interests in Croatia and internationally
  • Preservation of the regional seed
  • Collecting medicinal herbs and organizing educational workshops about them
  • Expansion of open workshops as a known location for learning, gaining experience and production