About us

 „Eco Villages are needles of acupunture for mother earth“

We warmly „Welcome You“ on our webpage Zemlja Za Nas and thanks for your interest in our running project. The central idea of Zemlja Za Nas is to establish a village under ecologically-sustainable aspects on the croatian island Brac. This place will be the initial base for our ecological resilient community and our goals. At the process of foundation, the following main areas of interest of our community have emerged:

  1.  To live in harmony with the nature and to respect the universal principals.
  2.  To strengthen the position of women in this rural area.
  3.  Maintenance and expansion of biological and cultural diversity that the island has to offer.
  4.  Dissemination of knowledge, technical skills and life experiences in an ecological resilient community.
  5.  Animal protection.

Zemlja Za Nas means „earth for us“ and is registrated as a croatian non profit organisation. In following we use the abbreviation ZZN.