Masterplan 2020

 „Even a path of thousand miles start with the first step“


NEU Masterplan

The 4 hectares are divided into 2 main areas. The upper area includes the plots 44, 46, 48/1 where the initiators of ZZN build their own self-financed houses. The lower area, which includs plot 321, is under managment and financing of ZZN. The non profit association is responsible for construction following objects:

The Guest house is for our volunteers, seminar guests and ecoturism guests. Fitting: 5 Rooms with doublebed  / 1 Common room with 10 sleeping berth / 1 Common kitchen / 1 Dining room / 1 Spacious storage cellar for vegetables, oil and other stuff.

The Seminar House is the place for external seminar organizer, own workshops and yoga treatments.

Manufacture House 1 is the place for our own handcraft as art objects and woodwork.

Manufacture House 2 is the workingplace for further processing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and olive oil.

Storage for garden tools, Animal Home, 2 compost toilets, Huge water cistern

Method of building construction: Using local and regional materials such as wood, cordwood, strawball and stone

Required Resource extraction: Decentralized electricity by solar panels and wind generators. Water catchment is ensured by the year-round water collection. Producing drinking water is ensured on low pressure filter systems (India). Waste and sewage avoidance by composting, closed cycle techniques.

Timing til 2020:

09.2015 Our community Nerescica change the use zoning plan from agricultural land into farmland.

09.2015 Start of clarification for suitable financing options as crowdfunding, EU funds, foundations and private sponsoring

12.2015 Submission of building applications.

05.2016 1.stage of construction: The guest house. Next buildings will be build after saved financing.

Future use of the community area- and buildings: Organize our own workshops for herbalism, dry stone walls, olive tree nursery and traditional native cooking. Catering & accommodation of guests and volunteers. Rental of the guest- and seminar houses to external seminar organizer. Holiday program for kids. Producing of handcraft products and art works. Growing vegetables, fruits and herbs for the personal use, guest catering and for the exchange by GSE. Manufacture & sale of own honey and olive oil. Offer of adventure tours as biking, kayaking, climbing and walking.